i still dont know how to do tumblr...but im figuring out. i guess.

i run this : http://jawlinesforjawlinessake.tumblr.com/ because of this:
busy uni student, constant observer, lvoe

in reality: i have been on this blog SO FUCKING LONG that i am actually 21fCAN.

fandoms are my life. but
just because i am a girl who likes to write about gay boys.. does not mean i am part of community.
ilove qaf..
pretty much above anything else.

i need more friends and i dont bite..so drop me a line sometime.

more to come.
clearly http://sweetlikeanmandm.tumblr.com/ask but.. yeah idk
and http://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/sweetlikeanmandm .. :)

these tumbleweeds will be mostly not my content as i feel like i should be a reblogging station and spread the love. you dont have to follow me.
if you do, go here http://sweetlikeanmandm.tumblr.com/aboutme

About. Me.

remember, im friendly :P
these.. interwebs